The story behind Charlie’s Pritchon®

History - Pritchon


The product and brand is named after its innovator, Charlie Esguerra. Together with his wife, Dina Mayuga, they have transformed the traditional lechon dish into an even finer cuisine that would cater to various discriminating and creative taste palettes.

It all started when they were both stuck in traffic along EDSA. Charlie suddenly thought of frying the pig instead of roasting it. After two weeks, Dina dreamt of her mother who passed away in 1996. Dina’s mother told her to wrap the fried lechon in pita wedges and use several sauces other than the traditional lechon sauce. With the help of other family members and friends, they were able to develop the product. In 2002, they organized the Pritchon® Corporation and started delivering commercially using the Pritchon® Service Concept. This service concept presently being practiced is highly appreciated by the Filipino consumer market. A service crew would normally goes to the party place with the Pritchon®packaged and ready to be served in a personalized and friendly manner. Here, the service crew and the guests are given the chance to converse over how they would want their dish to be served.

Pritchon® is especially prepared and deep fried in cooking oil. This succulent dish is served in a way similar to another traditional delicacy, the “peking duck”. The creativity continues as the Pritchon® is expertly carved, mixed with spring onions and cucumber, and wrapped in plain, spinach, and tomato pita wedges. It is given a more distinct and colorful flavor when it is dipped into any one or combination of their seven especially concocted sauces, namely: hoisin, honey mustard, white garlic, chili tagalog, sate, honey lemon, and liver (traditional lechon sauce). Wrapping the tender meat in pita wedges and dipping into the sauces makes the whole experience lively and entertaining for all the guests. This just makes Charlie’s Pritchon® the talk of the town and the taste to remember!

In 2014, the company makes known to the pallets of their customers a vast selection of new dishes that carry the same old Charlie’s Pritchon® style of experience, but each to its own unique flavor. The company’s image was also fine-tuned to put an emphasis on experiencing food and service a class above the others. Newly available dishes include a one-of-a-kind baked Norwegian Salmon with pesto toppings, baked chicken fillet, a variety of noodle dishes, dips, and even desserts.

Experience what Charlie’s Pritchon® has to offer. Experience the taste to remember.